Thanh Campbell

Hope for the World Productions

In 2012, when Thanh was ready to print his first book he founded his company Hope for the World Productions and named his speaking tour by the same name.

Since then, he has been invited to speak at numerous business groups, conferences and schools across Canada as a keynote speaker sharing his story of coming to Canada and other inspirational and wellness topics.

He loves being asked to be an MC at various events around the region, including hosting a trivia night at Stonewalls restaurant in Hamilton. The most interesting request was to be an auctioneer for a fundraiser for a local charity.

He is the host of his podcast Urban Ambition and Facebook Live show Our Ambitious City.


Orphan 32


Nearly two decades long, the Vietnam War was one of history’s devastating battles. More bombs were dropped than both World Wars put together. Lives were destroyed and families torn apart.

In 1975, the last flight out of Vietnam rescued 57 war orphans before the Communists took over the south capital of Saigon. En route to Canada, Nguyen Ngoc Minh Thanh was aboard that flight. He was Orphan #32.

Thanh’s story began like many other Vietnamese orphans on Operation Babylift, but as he later discovered, his path had taken a much different direction from the rest.

Orphan 32 will take you on a remarkable journey of life, love, family and self-discovery. $20 per copy.

Lost and Found: Orphan 32 Goes Home

Lost and Found:Orphan 32 Goes Home is a story one child’s arrival and integration into Canada. After living in Canada for thirty years, under the assumption of having lost his parents in the war and no possibility of tracing family roots, the story drastically changed in 2004 after meeting one of his flight mates from 1975, Trent Kilner.

His story begins like many other Vietnamese orphans who were chosen to be a part of the historical Operation Babylift, but in 2006, the path in life took a very different direction from the rest of those who were evacuated from Vietnam. Join Thanh on this journey of life, love and self-discovery.


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