Thanh Campbell

Our Ambitious City


This show is all about Hamilton and the great surge of innovation and inspiration that is moving our city to bigger and better things. As we climb out of the era of steel and steel manufacturing as our mainstay, we are witnessing a shift to being sustained by different industries, such as education, health and entrepreneurship. We won’t be losing our mills anytime soon, but as they are declining in production we are seeing the increase of other income producers that will take its place.

As the reputation of our city ameliorates and is drawing more people to calling Hamilton home, we will see more minds from which to draw inspiration and move it forward across all sectors. Each story shared is one of success and a great tribute to Hamilton as an incubator to an entrepreneur who is working to make the dream a reality.

Urban Ambition

A podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of people who overcome their circumstances, rise above and seek success in order to help as many people as they can to better their life.

Often incubated out of a crucible of pain and struggle, these successes come out of many previous failures. The only difference is a determined focus to persevere against all odds, to pivot at times, but always keeping the ultimate goal in mind. What do these individuals have in common, not much but the grit to continue with they set out to do and to see obstacles as opportunities to grow and become the best version of themselves.


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