Thanh Campbell

Who is Thanh Campbell?

Mr. Campbell is the proud father of 4 great kids. Aaron, Matthew, Joshua and Rachel. He grew up as the youngest of 6 in the Campbell family. He was adopted in Cambridge and moved to the Maritimes til he returned to Ontario for University.

Most recently Thanh has written his autobiography titled Orphan 32. Since then, he has been invited to speak and MC at numerous business groups, conferences and schools across Canada as a keynote speaker sharing his story of coming to Canada and other inspirational and wellness topics.

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Hope for the World Productions

In 2012, when Thanh was ready to print his first book he founded his company Hope for the World Productions and named his speaking tour by the same name.

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Our Ambitious City

This show is all about Hamilton and the great surge of innovation and inspiration that is moving our city to bigger and better things. As we climb out of the era of steel and steel manufacturing as our mainstay, we are witnessing a shift to being sustained by different industries, such as education, health and entrepreneurship. We won’t be losing our mills anytime soon, but as they are declining in production we are seeing the increase of other income producers that will take its place.

As the reputation of our city ameliorates and is drawing more people to calling Hamilton home, we will see more minds from which to draw inspiration and move it forward across all sectors. Each story shared is one of success and a great tribute to Hamilton as an incubator to an entrepreneur who is working to make the dream a reality.

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